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“Mr. Marnell was great!"

“Mr. Marnell was great! He did what he said and made everything right. I’ll be forever indebted to him and his firm…”

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"Russ is a top notch attorney in his field of Divorce and Family law."

"Russ is a top notch attorney in his field of Divorce and Family law. His approach is professional and courteous. I have always received good feedback from anyone I have referred to him for legal help. I will continue to recommend my family, friends and clients."

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"Russell was a tough negotiator in matters of long-term importance."

"Russell Marnell, Esq. is an experienced family law attorney who helped a family member through a divorce. In addition to explaining complex legal issues and guiding his client through a turbulent personal crisis, he was a tough negotiator in matters of long-term importance. Based on this experience, I would recommend Russell to those in need of a skilled family law attorney."

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"I cannot say enough positive things about Russ"

Divorce doesn’t bring out the best in people, but I found in working with Russell that he not only knew all the laws, but was very helpful and assured me when I was feeling uncomfortable. I cannot say enough positive things about him as I contacted him whenever I needed him, and he represented me in a manner that I felt comfortable

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"Russell always provided expert advice"

Something that Russell shared with me when handling my divorce and personalities were clashing, was to look at the situation as if two people were dissolving a business. By removing the emotional element, you can focus more on what needs to be done in order to move forward.

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